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Updated: Mar 22, 2022

It's here! Our first new single of 2022 is here (there's a bunch coming) and it SHREDS! "Fierce musical warmth, carried far to shed light and bring the cold together." This one features our dear musical vibe ally and long time friend Felix Free AND a very special addition from didjeridu master Tyler Spencer lends soul rubbing didjeridu layers throughout.

Once again from the creation labs of Marv Ellis, Dragons is a production that showcases both a high energy beat full of funk era hype AND the raw rock influences that Skyler Squglio brings to the table. This high energy collab was really born on the road in *early* 2020 when dear friend and viciously fresh emcee Felix Free (the very same from the song Mystery, 2019) was on tour with Free Creatures. Free’s contributions in this live setting helped to shape its core meaning and ferocity. Over the many months since, the band tightened up lyrics and got to laying down the studio version. Pirated live cuts do circulate, and they don’t disappoint.

The song is available for streaming and download on all major platforms March 4th, 2022, and the official music video premiers on Youtube the same day at 11:22 AM PST (2:22 PM EST)!

The story behind the Official Music Video is also worth sharing, as it involved comical adventures and the joyful reunion of good friends. In September of 2021, Felix Free traveled across country to once again join the Free Creatures on a run of shows, including performances at the legendary HeartBarn on the Oregon Coast and Wildcraft Cider Company's harvest party in Eugene.

While on the Oregon coast, the crew decided to take advantage of the vast beauty in the region and stake out some sand dunes with Tyler Spencer to recreate a scene reminiscent of Mad Max and Dune.

With the crew's videographer Daniel Favela on deck, they set out to capture the essence of Free's journey back to the West Coast, carrying the heat far and wide to warm his friends and honoring generations past with a nod to our shared human history of carrying embers from one camp to the next. And that IS exactly what happend that weekend as the Free Creatures performed in two of their most cherished Oregon communities, bringing their heat and sharing the love via rocking sets and high vibes. Shots of their live performance of the song at the HeartBarn show are featured in the video, and the electricity in that room is absolutely palpable.

And that is, in essence, the main goal of the Free Creatures camp; to foster a welcoming sense of warmth in the community through our music... To shine our light and keep it bright for those who may feel cold and lost... To uplift people's energy with our super hot and tasty jams. In all seriousness though; we are continually humbled by, and deeply grateful for, the connections made along the way with the communities we are blessed to perform in.

Our wish is that as you enjoy the song, a fiery light ignites inside you, and you are left feeling warm, energized, and part of the Framily. Make sure to catch the video premiere on Youtube, Friday March 4th at 11:22 am PST, 2:22 pm EST, and stream, save, and download wherever you enjoy your music in order to help propel the Free Creatures onward and upwards as they release their second album this spring! For reals this time.


"Featured artist Felix Free collab'ed on this song cross-continent from New York; sending stems and files digitally to producer/emcee Marv Ellis as the Free Creatures fused their styles once again. This time, however, Skyler Squglio brought major direction to the sound with his hard and heavy fills and vein shredding solo to finish it off. Tyler Spencer lends soul rubbing didjeridu layers throughout. Fierce warmth, carried far to shed light and bring the cold together." #freecreatures #freecreaturesmusic #freecreaturesblog #free #creatures #newmusic #officialmusicvideo #newsingle #newsong #singlerelease #freecreaturesdragons #felixfree #tylerspencer

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