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Live Performances: 2024

Live Performances: 2023

Music Videos:

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Short Descriptors: 


  • AAA / Psychedelic / Indie / Alt Hip Hop 


  • Uniquely North West, authentic ingredients and diversified influences bring out a new musical flavor in power trio Free Creatures; the umami of genres.

  • Bangin’ beats, harmonic hooks, expansive jams, with a message. Great vibes, dancing is inevitable. 

  • Free Creatures fuses alt hip hop, psych rock and edm with mindful lyrics and moments of playful improvisation. 

  • Free Creatures presents a highly sensational, easily digestible, uniquely fused musical flavor: Umami Music. 

  • Free Creatures; Genre free, easy to love, and hard to forget.


Medium Descriptors: 


  • Not quite any genre, yet accepted by all fans; Northwest power trio Free Creatures is rapidly gaining beastly momentum. The group features badass front woman Emily Turner on upright bass, vocals, and trumpet alongside dashing emcee super hero Marv Ellis rocking original beats on an MPC live unlike any other. Paired with wizardly upside-down leftie shredder Skyler Squglio on electric guitar, this project expertly blends psychedelic Indie rock with EDM and AAA, delivered upon a foundation of alternative Hip Hop roots. Easy to enjoy, hard to forget. 

  • Oregon born emcee / producer Marv Ellis brings West Coast indie-style hip hop beats remixed live on an MPC, coupled with a uniquely Northwest flavor of Rhythmic American Poetry. In this project, Marv features the lovely Emily Turner’s siren-like vocals and soul-driving upright bass, and Skyler Squglio’s wizardly approach to upside down, left handed electric guitar. The incorporation of these three's tone and influence brings Free Creatures; Genre free, easy to love, and hard to forget. 


Short Bio


The Pacific Northwest brings us yet another new musical flavor in the alt hip hop power fusion trio, Free Creatures. The trio was born from emcee & producer Marv Ellis remixing original beats on an MPC live while rapping and freestyling in his beloved and charismatic style. This foundation provides the perfect pedestal for featuring the smooth, sweet swagger of upright bassist and singer Emily Turner, and the expansive effects of electric guitar layers and solos from upside-down leftie shredder Skyler Squglio.

Free Creatures have enjoyed steadfast, all-organic, independent growth since their inception, and continue touring nationally coast to coast, including Alaska and Hawaii. Connecting with true super fans of the widest age range from coast to coast, Free Creatures playfully deliver a heartfelt soulgasm sandwich with every live performance, regardless of the room. 

Artistic Bio

Free Creatures presents as a powerfully welcoming invitation into an exploration of genre, feeling, and thought. A sense of loving playfulness is their main directive, even while navigating through the storms of today’s troubled world. Marv Ellis stands at the helm, steering an MPC Live packed with original beats while charismatically delivering a ten course meal of heavy hitting rhythmic American poetry. Emily Turner stands abreast on the bow, calming the storm with siren-like vocals while simultaneously driving deep, thunderous grooves on electric upright bass. Skyler Squglio expertly mans the mast, harnessing hurricane force winds of melody with his grinning, upside-down, left handed guitar. As you ride the Free Creatures ship into the sunset, you may find a brand new favorite flavor of love on your tongue; the umami of music. Genre free, easy to love, and hard to forget. 

Notable Venues and Events Performed:

Crystal Ballroom - Portland, OR

McDonald Theater - Eugene, OR

The Depot - Salt Lake City

Knitting Factory - Boise, ID

Knitting Factory - Spokane, WA

Midtown Ballroom - Bend, OR

The Wilma - Missoula, MT

The Elm - Bozeman, MT

Treefort Music Festival - Boise, ID
Cascade Equinox Festival - Redmond, OR

Salmonfest - Ninilchik, AK 

Shangri-La Fest - Harmony Park, MN

Lightning in a Bottle Festival - Bakersfield, CA

Oregon Country Fair - Eugene, OR

Northern Nights Festival - Northern CA

Please Don't Trip Festival - Beaver, UT

Emerald Cup Awards - Santa Rosa 

Wildcraft Harvest Fest - Eugene, OR

Hotel Ziggy - Hollywood, CA

Garage on Beck - Salt Lake City, UT

Neurolux - Boise, ID

Chilkoot Charlie's - Anchorage, AK

Wanderlust Festival - Squaw Valley, CA

Display Fest / Regent Theatre - Los Angeles, CA


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