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Lyrics: "Free Creatures"

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Beat created by Marv Ellis, Horns played by Emily Turner, Guitar played by Skyler Squglio. Words written by Marv Ellis and Emily Turner, respectively. The two co-wrote the hook together. Lyrics

Chorus: Deep down, just a free creature

Just a freak reachin for a good reason All out, finish the season

Divin’ in deep in what we believe Marv Verse 1: We gotta do what we gotta do its never over till we follow through

We’re getting slimmer eating fatter food Free Creature type of attitude We chase our dreams when the work is done The starting gun is the setting sun The bills are real when it’s what you want but um, not all Jedi come from Padewan (uh uh) Sometimes the prison is within the mind

Your brain is riddled by your own advice

It’s such a precious tiny little life (that)

I lay awake and think about at night (fact) We got the means to make it so (wooaah)

Look at the fractals in the afterglow (yooo) Forever after is a place we know Another chapter in I told you so (deep deep deep) Chorus

Emily Verse: Way deep down I roam Ancient carbon calling, deep in my bones A wild longing big buffalo I just wanna do what I want to, everywhere I go But I lean in and give it muscle Silverback gorilla in the jungle Mother moose deep in the tundra winters on the way and she’s got two young ones (Ooooh) and everybody’s hungry-

Guess I need money, guess I gotta pay Gotta swim far ‘fore a whale gets to play Call me a freak but sometimes I need a reason, Work’s more fun when I believe in it (Skyler Guitar Solo) [ Deep Down / All Out ] [ Deep Down / All Out ] Chorus *End*

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