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LYRICS: "Oceans Three"

Song Title: Oceans Three Album Title: While We Can

Em Verse 1:

Like a thief in the night

Scale your walls and climb to new heights

Got these big brick walls surrounding you

Got me casin’ the block just waiting for the time to be right

I climb in close against that cool brick

I move in slow so I don’t lose my grip

I’ve got a plan that’ll make your walls come crumbling down

Mmmhmm, Well I’ve got a plan that’ll bring your walls down

Marv Verse: So I study the shadows, cause It’s original camo, flauge

My mind and body’s my ammo, I been developing handles

And working out all my inners and now I’m on top of the building

The moonlight is chilling

My target has feelings that they’re

Holding for ransom

But I cant take the chance that they will

Act on them wisely so I’m

Holding surprise until I need it

A Thief in the night breathing soft

Quiet like a flower petal drops

Pullin the top of the kettle off blowing steam

Safely cracking the code

Study the approach so the dark’s in control

Of my exit, My next is my nexxus I steal for the poor and the restless

A thief, I guess so

Emily Verse 2:

My fingers are light

They pick your pocket for clues

I dip for tips to get me inside

And closer to you

Smooth and slow I slip beneath your defense

Take off with your mind and leave no evidence

I’ve got a plan that’ll make your walls come crumbling down

Mmhmm hey, yeah I’ve got a plan that’ll bring that shit down Skyler Solo (Down) Like a thief in the night Song Credits: Song written by Emily Turner

Produced and mixed by Marv ELlis Marv Ellis: Vox, beat Emily Turner: Vox, Upright Bass Skyler. Squglio: Electric guitar

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