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Lyrics: "Dragons feat. Felix Free and Tyler Spencer"

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Dragons feat Felix Free lyrics Chorus:

We keep the fire lit

And the coals hot

Cuz it’s a cold world

And it don’t stop

We keep our people warm

When the cold drops

We’re standin on our own

We make the show pop

(2 x)


Pops, stop messin around

It’s a big cold world and we’re burnin it down

And if the fam needs space then we’re building a dome

And if the lights too low then the LED’s on and if the wood needs chopped then I’m swingin an axe and if the dirt needs moved then I’m breakin a back I’m sortof taking it back

To let it loose- my attachments

of the way the practice and the

root of my actions cuz I’m-

I’m a free affiliated poet

Only go to space with the people that I go with

Blowin on a coal tryin’ to keep the fire burnin

Dragon on the move tryin to preach a long sermon

Holdin down the corner like the goat rick Sherman

When I’m sending smoke signals with the herbs that I’m burnin

Satellite in space on rotation its urgent We’re brewing up magic putting heat in the furnace Bridge: We aim to keep you lifted

Up where the dragons fly

This warmth will guide your vision

Throughout the darkest night

Felix Free:

Strong and steady

Strike when the slaps are ready

Got my weight up to the shoulder the load

Life is heavy Grown ass man been holdin a family up From swingin a shovel to rockin mic’s I go buck, but Don’t get me wrong- I’m a dad, I’m not tough, but Don’t mess with mine, I’ll rip shit up Fire for love! Life of an ember, sittin on timber

dry windy days of September

Feel that burn- oh that’s your house? Now your concerned?

Right down the dragon’s path? Better hope he turns , Don’t assume, play it safe, give it room

Emit mad heat and turn your cool to puddles and pools

10,000 hours I’ve paid dues

All love, mostly conscious, slightly obnoxious,

Maintain that dope flow that keeps shit rockin- But you can catch flame if you get out of pocket Emily: You see my light my shine? This flame is burnin bright With food to feed the mind,

And heat to lead the blind, yeah

Let’s grow and stoke the fire

And make it multiply

Turn up and amplify So we can take this planet wide

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