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Kriss: A new direction in Merch designs…

We have an exciting announcement to make…

This summer we are launching a new branch of our merchandise and brand!

We are officially dropping our new line of merchandise that feature the art of Kristine Garrick, otherwise known as The Cad Goddess, or more affectionately, Marv’s Mom. Kristine was a naturally talented visual artist, and was encouraged to pursue various art forms from a young age. An alumni of University of Oregon’s art department, she supported the health and growth of her two young sons with her artistic abilities, eventually leading her cohorts in hand-drawn cad designs for Eugene/Springfield utilities board, and then Systems West Engineers. She never lost her artistic sensibilities however, often painting gorgeous water colors for gifts and carving enchanting scenes into wood impressions.

As you may know, we lost Kristine Garrick to cancer in 2021. Processing this loss over the years has been an immense challenge, to say the least. Ultimately, Marv and Emily made the difficult decision to uproot from the farm in Applegate, Oregon and move their home and headquarters to the house she left to the family in Eugene. In an attempt to make the best of things, and honor her love of the arts and support of our vision, this is now the new location of the Free Creatures’ recording studio, rehearsal space, and general base of operations.

Upon moving into the house during the winter of 2023, Marv and Emily discovered a treasure trove of amazing art pieces created by Kristine, and learned a valuable lesson about sharing art more openly and freely, rather than hiding it away due high personal standards and self criticism. Countless pieces were discovered in her archives, so many bringing joy, awe, and inspiration to everyone who sees them.

One of the most especially moving pieces that we found was one of the last pieces she finished; a hand drawn free creatures logo. Her sense of humor and appreciation for humanity definitely vibrate in this piece, and we have become so enchanted with it that we have decided to launch it as a new branch of the Free Creatures brand, but with a bit more heart infused in the mission…

One of Kristine’s many lovely attributes was her enthusiastic support of artists and artistry. Through emotional and financial support, over the years Kristine was an outstanding patron of the creatives. It is our goal to carry that energy forward in the space she left behind, specifically by hosting musicians and artists as they travel through town building their legends and fulfilling their dreams. It only feels natural, especially as we rely on these very same outpourings of support ourselves as we travel the nation performing. It is with this love and intention that we launch this new t-shirt line featuring art created by Kristine in which portions of the proceeds will directly help to fund the remaining mortgage payments and finalize conversion of the home to an artist retreat and residency.

The first print of these shirts will be featured in the color above, in person at the following shows:

Wed. May 29TH - Ashland Oregon @ Jackson Wellsprings Thurs. May 30th - Bend, Oregon @ Volcanic Theater Fri. May 31st - Eugene, Oregon @ McDonald Theater

Sat. June 1st - Portland, Oregon @ The Get Down

We will be releasing multiple designs and color combinations over the coming months as well.

It is with honor and a deeply loving sense of loss that we come forward with this new offering… we hope that the Kriss designs kindle a warm human sweetness in those who see it.

Looking forward to sharing the upcoming designs!

With love and respect,

Free Creatures

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