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Free Creatures covered Moondance!

Free Creatures covered Van Morrison’s Moondance and it’s available on all streaming platforms!

Starting 9/29 Free Creatures version of “Moondance” will be available on all music streaming platforms! The band brought the cover to the stage early summer 2023, and after realizing it was a new crowd favorite, they decided to rush production and release it for everyone to enjoy as soon as possible. One of the joys of being an indie band… No leash on production or release! Although the help with promotion would be ***amazing*** … anyways… You can find links and an easy-to-share web page for the single here:

Some fun facts about the song: - Originally written and recorded by Van Morrison in 1969 - Engineered and mixed by Marv Ellis

- Mastered by David Way

- Beat curated by Emily Turner

- Guitar played by Skyler Squglio - Vocals, upright bass, and cornet by Emily Turner - Vox and lyrics added in by Marv Ellis

- Em’s vocals were recorded at 3 AM !

Cover song license info:

Release ID: LP1609970

License Number: 2224262

Copyright Wc Music Corp o/b/o

Caledonia Music Soul

Free Creatures Moon Dance cover art
Free Creatures “Moondance” cover art

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