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NEW ALBUM "WHILE WE CAN" drops March 3rd, 2023!

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Free Creature's second full length studio album is officially finished and dropping on all platforms Friday, March 3rd, 2023.

The band will also be hosting a celebration at Hotel Ziggy in West Hollywood, CA on Thursday, March 2nd, where there will be a special merchandise raffle and the premiere of an unreleased music video from the album.

This album is the culmination of years of work and refinement. Recorded in full by Marv Ellis in the studio he built at the farm in Southern Oregon, this group of songs represents deeply formative years of Free Creatures' full sound, including Skyler Squglio's increased involvement in creation and production.

The album contains 15 tracks, including a few sweet little interludes. Existing fans of Free Creatures will recognize many tracks from this album, as the band has been performing them live from coast to coast. But the fresh takes of studio productions bring subtle nuances to the sound that present as subtle easter eggs to listening ears, both familiar and not. Here's some album facts: - All songs were written and recorded by Free Creatures in the Marv Ellis studio in Southern Oregon. - Marv Ellis mixed all songs himself, using the same version of cubase he's used since 2004 - Track 2, Inviting You In, was mastered by our gracious sound mentor, David Way. - All other tracks were mastered by the ever-patient and expert ear of 9Theory. - This magnificent art, that honestly, the band absolutely ADORES, was created by Graphic design artist, Wade Larsen of Rocketeye Designs. - Featured artists and contributors include: Felix Free, Asher Fulero, Ishi Woods, Tyler Spencer, Cosmos and Freeman Corbin. - An instrumental version of this album will also become available, details TBA. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing intimate perspectives, behind the scenes content, features, and lyrics from the album. Not to mention a whole slew of new merch with this gorgeous new graphic!!! We've created a Facebook event page to use for posting easy share-ables with our digital street team members! We will be rewarding members with coupons and prizes- if you'd like to join the digital street team, head to the event page here:

Here's the landing page for all of the listening links, as they become available. They may not show up for pre-saves right away, but don't worry, we'll be announcing as they become available on social media...

We have also created a spotify presave campaign for the album, and a link that's easy to share. When you presave the album, you also get a 10% off coupon code for the online merch store! Here's also a button to take you there:

We are thrilled to share this work with you. And equally as excited to continue working on what's coming next! With love, Free Creatures

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