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Single "Get it Done" Drops April 9th... Be part of the Video!

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

It's what we do... We"Get it Done"! Our beloved and potentially most favorite song is finally dropping on April 9th... And we'd love to have YOU in the music video!

The song "Get it Done" is bursting full of energy and stamina; the very same energy and stamina conjured from deep within by all of us when facing a big 'ole pile of work. And that can be ANY kind of work; harvesting, house cleaning, creating art, building something, farm chores, a heavy workout, video editing, graphic design, accounting, blowing glass, planting seeds, a team practice, even doing the dishes... you name it. What's more is that we're opening up a video challenge to see how YOU "Get it Done"! Send us a video of you getting it done- whatever it is that you do! And we'll add it the official music video! Here's some tips: - You can film it with your phone - Film in landscape, not vertically, if you can - Try to film in the highest resolution you can, (i.e. cinematic mode on iPhone) - Keep it clean! - Time-lapses are cool - Dancing and fun-having are highly encouraged - Email the video to or use the tag #freecreaturesgetitdone and make sure to send us a message with your video post, so we don't miss it. *Send or post your video by 4/20/22 to make sure we get it into the video, dropping 04/29/22.

More About the Song...

This song was written and recorded during the summer of 2020 at the Free Creatures' studio in Applegate Oregon. Music was produced by Marv Ellis and Skyler Squglio, and lyrics were written by Emily Turner and Marv Ellis respectively. This is our first single distributed through Ditto Music, and we're pretty amped about it.

Click this link to access the song on all your favorite platforms:

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