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Old Dirt Road (Live) Available Now!

Updated: Mar 3

Vintage cowgirl meditates in lotus position, single artwork for the song Old Dirt Road by Free Creatures
Old Dirt Road by Free Creatures. Single Artwork imagined by Marv Ellis and designed by Emily Turner.

An excellent live recording of Free Creature's new single "Old Dirt Road" is available on all streaming platforms on, along with a special Youtube video of the group performing the track live while recording at The Hivve!


Free Creatures teamed up with Trever Yarrish at The Hivve and Joe Dinkowitz of Middle Rogue Audio to produce a special capturing of a live performance of their new song "Old Dirt Road" ... and it looks and sounds incredible! Youtube video available here:



This song is particularly special to Emily, who wrote the bones of the song back when working in her country band. The song never saw completion in that form, and was archived in 2013.

In 2023, the group resurrected the song, and brought the Free Creatures sound to the structure and mix; specifically solidifying when Skyler started playing this gut punching western style guitar lick overtop. This resulted in a sort of Americana / Country Rock / Hip Hop crossover that's been a definite hit with crowds when played live over the last year.

The group and their fans have noticed a difference between their live and studio sounds ocer the years, and so, we've been on a quest to merge the two worlds and bring high-quality live multi-track recordings into the digital distribution realms for fans to enjoy. Free Creature's venture into this style of presentation officially launches with this fiery crossover track, with plans for more releases like this throughout 2024.



Written, Performed, and Mixed by Free Creatures

Recorded on-site and Mastered by Joe Dinkowitz, Middle Rogue Audio

Directed and Produced by Trever Yarrish

Filmed at The Hivve (( )

Videography by Parabl Media - Bryce Dennis

For more video of Free Creatures performing Live at The Hivve, visit:

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