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New Music Drop: The Freak Reachers Remixes

Updated: Mar 21

AVAILABLE NOW ON ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS!!! Free Creatures is proud to announce a special collaboration release in celebration of the one year anniversary of dropping the album While We Can . We officially welcome "The Freak Reacher Remixes" to our discography.

Cultivated and executive produced by Marv Ellis, this remix album presents extremely pleasing re-imaginings of almost all of the tracks from While We Can. Featuring the following Remixers: BNANAZ, Sun Yoga, Jordan Polovina, ESCH, Naraly, Obermeister, Huggapuppy, Diamond In A Lotus, and of course, Marv Ellis.

Track List: 1. Inviting You In (BNANAZ Remix)

2. Oregon Knights (Sun Yoga Remix) 3. Get it Done (Jordan Polovina Remix)

4. Run (ESCH Remix) 5. Thief (Naraly Remix) 6. Crossroads feat. Felix Free (Marv Ellis Remix) 7. La La Anthem (Obermeister Remix) 8. Dragons (Sun Yoga Remix) 9. Already Know (Huggapuppy Remix) 10. Get it Done (Diamond In A Lotus Remix)

Credits: Produced by Marv Ellis

Mastered by Sun Yoga Artwork by Emily Turner Special Thanks and Credit to all Remixers: ESCH, Naraly, Sun Yoga, BNANAZ, Huggapuppy, Obermeister, Jordan Polovina, and Diamond in a Lotus. Free Creatures LLC 2024

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