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Yes Fram! It’s time for another single release from Free Creatures. This time, it’s the crowd pleasing “La La Anthem” coupled with a piping hot, fresh new music video to enjoy.

This song is a colorful, uplifting take on how life rolls on, no matter where you find yourself, as well as a nod to Talking Heads. Marv Ellis produced and composed ”La La Anthem”, recording it in the Free Creatures studio in Applegate, Oregon in 2020. Skyler and Emily added their touches to bring the Free Creatures sound to life, and the song has since become a crowd favorite at shows. Soon coming is a live performance recording of the song as well, and it will also be available on all streaming platforms.


The music video concept started as a respectfully inspired nod to the theme of the song “Once in a Lifetime” by the Talking Heads; a life long favorite of Marv’s. Filmed by Daniel Favela at Pretty Sweet Studio’s in Ashland, the shoot came together quickly and on a surprisingly low budget. Emily Turner then spearheaded post-production and brought the footage to life with colorful layers and throwback filters and transitions.

We hope it brings you a little extra zest and gratitude during your day!

Click the button below to find the song on your favorite streaming platform!

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