Free Creatures was formed when Marv Ellis met Emily Turner, they fell in love, moved in together, started a hemp farm, and all their other music projects came to an end. As their dedication to their new life together deepened, they watched impatiently as their own bands drifted apart and their schedules opened up. This created the opportunity for Marv and Emily to spend time experimenting with combining their unique sounds and talents, mostly for their own enjoyment. As they began playing together and creating new sounds, they realized that their sound combination was worth sharing with others.

This innocent notion has since bloomed into an electrifyingly enchanting set of songs that blend depression era music samples with thumping upright bass lines, haunting ukulele riffs, thought provoking lyrics, and heart warming melodies.

Marv Ellis

Born and raised in Eugene, this Oregon native is undoubtedly the king of North West hip hop. A prolific lyricist and performer, Marv Ellis has toured the US and many countries around the world alongside many talented and acclaimed musicians, and he continues to expand his impressive anthology of 12 albums. Revered among fans for his rich tone, playful charisma, and cunning delivery, Marv’s ability to lift the energy of his audiences remains iron clad.

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Emily Turner

Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, Emily didn’t begin writing or performing until moving to Southern Oregon, where she picked up singing and taught herself to play the upright bass in 2012. She hasn’t set it down since. Her wide range of musical influence inspires her sound- blending folk, jazz, bossa nova and reggae, and her semi-secluded location lead her to develop her solo project using ukulele and a TC helicon simple loop pedal.

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